Vincent Jackson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Joins TEN Spring Water

June 28, 2017

Three-time pro-bowl wide receiver, businessman, and philanthropist Vincent Jackson joins the growing list of high-profile athletes who endorse TEN Spring Water. TEN Spring Water has the highest pH available in a bottled water and is rich in electrolytes, without the added sugar found in sports drinks. Jackson will promote the water’s benefits and role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“Drinking TEN Spring Water makes me feel like I’m doing more for my body than just hydrating,” said Jackson after a successful season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “It tastes great and helps me perform my best in whatever I do.”

Apart from his NFL career, Jackson owns a thriving restaurant and real estate company. He also founded Jackson in Action 83 Foundation, which provides support for military families. A leader in the athletic, commercial, and philanthropic spheres, Jackson recognizes the importance of staying hydrated while training.

“Vincent Jackson is a role model, both on and off the field,” said Jose Fernandez, chief executive officer of TEN Spring Water. “We are proud to have him on our team.”

Several international studies have shown the benefits of high alkaline water, including a2010 study published in “The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition,” concluding that their test subjects who drank alkaline water showed an improved acid-base balance and hydration status compared to tap water. (Source: JISSN)

TEN Spring Water is available in half liter six-packs and one liter bottles at supermarkets throughout the eastern United States, specialty markets and online at TEN will be available for purchase by the gallon before the end of year.