LA Clippers’ Newest Player Willie Reed Endorses TEN Spring Water

September 27, 2017

Former Miami Heat Center and L.A. Clippers’ newest player, Willie Reed, joins the growing list of high-profile athletes to endorse TEN Spring Water. Bottled at a perfect 10 pH, TEN Spring Water is rich in electrolytes, without the added sugar found in sports drinks. Reed, who recognizes the importance of hydration, will promote the many health benefits of electrolyte-rich high alkaline water and its role in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

“With training camp around the corner, remaining hydrated is key when running up and down the court,” said Reed. “As a pro athlete I take nutrition and hydration seriously and I choose my water very carefully. TEN Spring Water helps me perform to the best of my ability.”

Several international studies have shown the benefits of high alkaline water, including a 2010 study published in “The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition,” concluding that their test subjects who drank alkaline water showed an improved acid-base balance and hydration status compared to tap water. (Source:JISSN)

“Willie is a tremendous athlete and his dedication to elite fitness aligns perfectly with our brand,” said Jose Fernandez, CEO of TEN Spring Water. “We are honored to welcome him to the TEN team and wish him the best of luck as he joins the Clippers.”

TEN Spring Water is available in half liter, one-liter and gallon bottles and half liter six-packs at supermarkets throughout the eastern United States, specialty markets and online at Amazon.com.