UFC’s Dustin 'The Diamond' Poirier Promotes TEN Spring Water

TEN Spring Water announces that Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) Dustin 'The Diamond' Poirier will be the latest high-profile athlete endorser of its popular brand. TEN is America’s premium alkaline bottled spring water with the highest pH of any bottled water at 10pH. 'The Diamond' will be promoting the many health benefits of electrolyte-rich high alkaline water. 

With the alkaline diet and lifestyle gaining in popularity, the demand for products such as TEN spring water is booming. The benefit of alkaline water is that it may help protect the body from toxins and improve overall health because it is less acidic than many popular beverages, including sports drinks and regular bottled water. Acid content of food and beverages is generally considered undesirable by health experts, and in fact has created a $10 billion market for alkaline and anti-acid products (SOURCE: Modern Medicine). TEN Spring Water offers customers the highest pH of any bottled water brand and is the only super pH water (bottled waters above 9pH) that is also sourced from natural springs.

“We’re excited to have Dustin Poirier on ‘Team TEN’,” said Jose Fernandez, chief executive officer of TEN Spring Water. “’The Diamond’ is in great company with other professional athletes whose training regimens include our high alkaline spring water.”

Dustin Poirier is a UFC fan-favorite and boasts a top ten lightweight ranking. Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, Poirier trains in Coconut Creek, Florida with the renowned American Top Team, considered one of the world’s most elite MMA training organizations. Known for fighting verbally, physically and mentally, the 27-year old UFC star’s training regimen includes hydration with TEN Spring Water.

“I’m a big believer in hard work, dedication and high alkaline water for hydration,” says Poirier.  “I’m proud to represent TEN Spring Water.”

Fans who follow Dustin Poirier on social media will see this outstanding mixed marital arts athlete sporting the signature TEN Spring Water bottle. TEN spring water is available at local supermarkets in two sizes — half liter six-packs and one liter bottles. Consumers can also order TEN on Amazon Prime.

Jorge Sandrini