TEN Water Sponsors Miami Swim Week


TEN Water just got back from Miami Swim Week where we teamed up with Art Hearts Fashion to be the official water sponsor of the weekend. If you’re wondering what Miami Swim Week is, think New York Fashion Week but with swimsuits, and in a much more appropriate location for the attire—Miami! Over the weekend, swimwear designers presented their fashion-forward and creative lines. There were prints, glitter, and there were even swimwear blazers! There were a few shows that especially stood out, all for different reasons. Keep reading to find out what they were!

B Fyne

You may have heard of B Fyne as there is a lot of buzz around this brand and there was no shortage of buzz at the show—it was definitely a crowd favorite. B Fyne was created by a Nigerian-American woman and is inspired by West African fashion trends.

Its bold prints, which infuse traditional West African patterns and colors are impossible to ignore, and its intricate and strategically-placed cuts are designed to “make even the most boyish figures alluring”, according to the “About” section on their website. This brand has been featured in Vogue, Glamour, Sports Illustrated, and judging from their 2019 Swim Week collection, we can expect them to continue to make waves!

Chavez Inc

Chavez Inc was definitely the most interesting show to watch. We felt like we stepped into the year 3000 during this presentation! Their sheer swimsuits covered the entire body at times, with strategically-placed rhinestones to hide all the places a traditional swimsuit would cover. The looks were accessorized with bedazzled boots, sunglasses, and headpieces. We would be shocked if any of these swimsuits could actually be worn in the water, but it sure was fun to see! According to their website, Chavez is dedicated to innovation in fashion and strives to “defy and break through the walls of industry standards”. They describe their designs as “unique, daring and unconventional”, and we couldn’t agree more!

Joseph and Alexander

Joseph and Alexander is an innovative, eco-conscious swimwear company that creates their swimwear from recycled plastic that had been found floating in the ocean. Their tagline “Turning Plastic Into Swimwear” was prominently displayed on the LED screen throughout the show. The swimwear line is available for men, women, and children and features colorful prints and patterns perfect for a tropical getaway. Their bathing suits are made with eco-friendly ink and are delivered in a re-usable cotton twill bag.

Jorge Sandrini